File Processing Modules Overview

File processing modules allow apps to add support for new custom file formats and customize processing for supported file formats.

Supported Modules

Module Type App Scope Crowdin Crowdin Enterprise
Custom File Format custom-file-format Account/Organization
File Pre-Import Processing file-pre-import Account/Organization
File Post-Import Processing file-post-import Account/Organization
File Pre-Export Processing file-pre-export Account/Organization
File Post-Export Processing file-post-export Account/Organization

More Crowdin Apps modules are coming soon.

Add Modules to Your Crowdin App

To use a module in your app, declare the module in your App Descriptor file under modules, including any required properties. The properties you include control the customization options for your module.


    "identifier": "application-identifier",
    "name": "New Cool App",
    "logo": "/app-logo.png",
    "baseUrl": "",
    "authentication": {
        "type": "none"
    "scopes": [],
    "modules": {
        "{module_type}": [
              "key": "your-module-key",
              "name": "Module Name"



Type: string

Required: yes

Description: The type of module Crowdin app uses.


Type: string

Required: yes

Description: Module identifier within the Crowdin app.


Type: string

Required: yes

Description: The human-readable name of the module.

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