Releasing Crowdin Apps

Once the development phase of your Crowdin App is complete, you should publish it to make it accessible to the users and customers.

The release process consists of the following stages:

  • Setting up and deploying the production environment
  • Publishing your Crowdin App to the Crowdin Store

Setting up the Production Environment

When preparing your Crowdin App to release, ensure that it has both the production and development environments. There are many benefits of having separate environments, but the main ones are the following:

  • Stability – Having multiple environments reduces or eliminates downtime and thus saves the app from losing customers. It will also prevent incidents of loss or deletion of production data.
  • Security – The separation of environments will restrict access to the customers’ data for people who shouldn’t have such access.

Crowdin App must use individual OAuth clients, databases, and other credentials between environments.

If you design your Crowdin App to be used in both Crowdin and Crowdin Enterprise, Contact Support Team, and we will make your OAuth client global for Crowdin and Crowdin Enterprise so that you won’t need to create separate OAuth clients for each one.

Deploying the Crowdin App

When the Crowdin App is ready to be used, you need to host it online to make it accessible to the users. You can choose any preferred platform to your liking. The only requirement is that the platform must be reliable.

Below you can see the list of platforms that can be used for deploying:

Hosting Your Crowdin App on Crowdin Servers

All developers who create their own Crowdin Apps have the opportunity to host their apps on the Crowdin servers. To take advantage of this option, app developers are required to submit their app’s source code to Crowdin for review and deployment. Our team will review the source code, and once approved, the app will be hosted by Crowdin.

Each app hosting arrangement comes with custom and personalized agreements tailored specifically to the app. Additionally, apps hosted by Crowdin receive a special “Verified by Crowdin” badge, instilling confidence in potential app users and increasing the likelihood of installation and usage.

Contact Support Team, and we will be happy to provide you with more information on the matter.

Distributing the Crowdin App

Once you’re ready to share your Crowdin App with users, Contact Support Team to provide you with a developer account on Crowdin Store. The developer account lets you publish Crowdin Apps in the Crowdin Store and view different statistics such as the number of installations, application rating, etc.

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