UI Modules Overview

UI Modules allow apps to extend the Crowdin user interface, create integrations with external services, etc.

Supported Modules

Module Type App Scope Crowdin Crowdin Enterprise
Integrations project-integrations Project
Tools project-tools Project
Reports project-reports Project
Project Menu project-menu Project
Project Menu (Crowdsource View) project-menu-crowdsource Project  
Editor Panel editor-right-panel Project
Organization Menu organization-menu Organization  
Organization Menu (Crowdsource View) organization-menu-crowdsource Organization  
Resources Menu profile-resources-menu Account  
Custom MT Engine custom-mt Account/Organization
Context Menu context-menu Configurable
Modal modal Configurable
Custom Spellchecker custom-spellchecker Organization  

More Crowdin Apps modules are coming soon.

Add Modules to Your Crowdin App

To use a module in your app, declare the module in your App Descriptor file under modules, including any required properties. The properties you include control the customization options for your module.


    "identifier": "application-identifier",
    "name": "New Cool App",
    "logo": "/app-logo.png",
    "baseUrl": "https://app.example.com",
    "authentication": {
        "type": "none"
    "scopes": [],
    "modules": {
        "{module_type}": [
              "key": "your-module-key",
              "name": "Module Name"



Type: string

Required: yes

Description: The type of module Crowdin app uses.


Type: string

Required: yes

Description: Module identifier within the Crowdin app.


Type: string

Required: yes

Description: The human-readable name of the module.

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