Crowdin Apps Promoting

Creating a Crowdin App and publishing it in the Crowdin Store is only half of the application’s success. An equally important part is the promotion of your application.

The methods described in the article don’t claim to be exhaustive but rather give you a good starting point.

Build Landing Page and Help Docs

Creating a landing page and help docs increase the conversion rate for your Crowdin App and improve the application’s credibility. It will also help to promote the application in other ways.

Write a Blog Post

The blog post is an excellent opportunity to show off your Crowdin App in more detail. Describe how your Crowdin App works and focus your post on the benefits for your customers. Describe why users should use your application and show examples of workflows or customer success stories.

Promote on Social Media

Social networking is a great way to spread the news. Make your posts concise, show the benefits and new updates of your Crowdin App, and attach images or GIFs that show your application in action.

Message Your Customers

Targeted messaging via emails or in-app messages - is a great way to get people to use your app right away. Focus on messaging customers who are likely to get value from your app or whom you know are Crowdin users.

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